Our company was established by István Palásti senior in 1954. The company has witnessed significant technological development in the past 40 years, but has always preserved the features of a family company.

Today, the third generation has taken over the management of the company. As a result of the developments started in the early nineties, the most sophisticated materials and stone processing technologies were gradually introduced. We are in close contact with several European granite and marble mining companies. As the semifinished and finished products will be manufactured out of the blocks by ourselves, our prices are very competitive in the world market. Our activities comply with the requirements prevailing in the European Union, therefore we have ever increasing business relations with the member nations. In 1998, significant turnover was transacted with Danish, Dutch, and German companies. By improving our professional and marketing performance and by developing our existing relations, we would like to strengthen our market position.

Our business concept relies upon manufacturing of small-series, high-quality and exclusive products. Our excellent special machines and well trained workers are able to produce goods meeting even the highest quality requirements.


Ornamental fountains
Special coverings
Building decorations

Computer aided desing

The computer aided design enables the best possible fulfilment of our costumers' demands.
Block cutting

The blocks will be cut to the required dimensions by our machines
Dimension cutting

The slabs will be cut to the specified dimensions by a semi-automatic cutting machine

The milling machine produces various profiles.

The surface finish will be made by a lever grinder.
Manual finishing

Production of special blank finish attainable exclusively by manual work.
Mr. István Palásti
managing director
Mrs. István Palásti
finance manager
László Deák
premise manager
István Palásti

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